Hotfrox will be closed from 24th March 2020 to comply with government guidelines due to COVID-19

If you need to contact us please email

However, please allow us a 48hr period to enable us to transfer the business to home working before we can respond to your enquiries.

Many thanks,

Team Hotfrox



I wanted to take this opportunity to let our valued customers know how we are responding to the COVID -19 pandemic. I want to reassure everyone we are doing everything we can to protect our customers and staff & to minimise the risk and disruption to our customers and our company.


What we are doing to ensure you receive your purchased dresses & accessories…

• Our brands have reassured us that all orders will be completed.

• We will continue to be in regular contact with our brands.

• We will ensure our clients are informed immediately their paid for purchases arrive.


How we will ensure continuation of our business…

• Appointments are now ALL in individual private viewing areas i.e. no shared viewing areas.

• Appointments are now staggered with a 15-minute buffer before and after.

• Maximum 2 people per appointment i.e. client & parent/guardian/partner/ family member.

• Cleaning regimes are extensive, thorough & daily. If/when lockdown occurs…

• Hotfrox will remain open for business despite the actual boutique being closed.

• Home working will be our option.

• Hotfrox shop telephone number will be diverted to work mobiles.

• A member of staff will be available to answer any queries during business hours.

• A voicemail service will be available to callers.

• Client dresses will be stored on insured, secure premises.


What we will do next…

• In this fast moving, unprecedented situation, we are continuing to plan ahead to make sure we continue to serve our customers.

• Updates will be posted on the website and on social media platforms.


Thank you for your patience during this challenging time.


Wendy Gudgeon Director 20/03/2020